Specialising in domestic, commercial and industrial hazardous area construction

If there’s an electrical job that needs doing RG Electrical Contracting are the team that can get the job done. From domestic to mining to electrical work and everything in between RG are a Queensland owned company with over 50 years of combined experience.

Gold Coast born owner, Raphael Garufi, has been contracting throughout Qld and NSW for more than 10 years. The passion for what they do can be seen in both their quality of workmanship and the rave reviews from clients.

RG Electrical Contracting specialises in, Domestic, Commercial and Industrial hazardous area construction, Turn Key Maintenance systems and scheduling Gas, Methane Drainage, Mine Ventilation, Long Wall Mineral Mining and processing support, power generation maintenance and hire service.

We were proud to work with RG Electrical; supplying much of the lighting for the Yungaba House restoration project. This 130 year old historical building located in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane is a true time capsule of design. Take a look for yourself as the images below of the finished job.  

Stylish Pendant Lights for Your Home

Stylish Pendant Lights for Your Home

Light up your space with Lighting Super Store's extensive range of beautiful pendant light

Pendant lights can turn your house into a home creating your own personal touch on your house or giving your property that point of difference to the rest.

Versatile and affordable, modern pendant lights are a quick and easy way to transform the look and feel of a room and when it comes to choosing the right pendant lights for your home, the options are endless. Whether you are looking for glass pendants to suit a traditional interior or a long pendant to fill a stairwell void, we have a wide variety of on trendy pendant lights to complement any home and style of decor.

Contemporary Pendant Lights for Every Room in the House

Contemporary pendant lights are a stylish addition to bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, hallways and even bathrooms. With clean lines and simple structure, modern pendant lights suit most interiors, from a minimalist colour palette of white, black and other neutrals to bold hues and soft pastels.

  • Bedrooms - use small pendants, glass pendant lights or small LED pendants as an alternative to bedside lamps. Glass pendant lights provide a soft illumination for a cosy, intimate atmosphere, perfect for use in bedrooms and for a truly unique look, choose a bespoke glass pendant light.
  • Kitchens - opt for a 3 light kitchen pendant or multiple small LED pendants over an island bench for the ultimate illumination for prepping and cooking
  • Dining areas - go for a large LED pendant or dome pendant as a bold statement piece over a dining table or create a cluster of small pendants for a bespoke look
  • Bathrooms - a modern chrome pendant light would complement chrome tapware and sleek tiles and large or small LED pendant lights can create a relaxing atmosphere for any bathroom.   
  • Hallways - a chandelier is a great hallway pendant light for large scale hallways found in traditional homes, or go for small pendant lights or a close to ceiling pendants (CTC) option for a more modern aesthetic or high traffic areas. 

Remember, pendants aren't just for indoors -  browse our collection of beautiful exterior pendants suitable for outdoor alfresco areas, outdoor rooms and verandahs.

Shop Our Large Range of Pendant Lights for Sale

At Lighting Super Store, you will be sure to find stylish pendant lights for your home. Our large range of traditional and contemporary pendant lights are available in different sizes, shapes, designs and materials, so whether your style is modern, minimalist, heritage or Hamptons we have the pendant lights to complement and enhance your interior and décor. Shop our collection now, and don’t forget to check out our sale section for the latest styles at the very best prices.

Choosing the Right Bathroom 3 in 1
<p><img alt="" src="" /></p>
<p>The nights are getting cooler, our showers are getting a little warmer and the bathrooms a little steamier. We look for the quickest way to de-fog the mirror and pull on our trackies before the warm shower wears off. But there is a better way. Those who have experienced the pleasure of flicking on the heat lights when they step into the bathroom will find it difficult to go without. The good news is almost all the bathroom heat lights come complete with a built-in exhaust, solving the all-important bathroom mirror issue and even more importantly keeping your bathroom well ventilated and dry, limiting the possibility for mould and mildew as well as any unpleasant smells.</p>
<p>Finding the right <a href="/collections/exhaust-fans-heat-lights">3 in 1 </a>for your bathroom can get a little overwhelming so here are some tips to help you find the best solution for your bathroom, as well as some of our top selling units.</p>
<p>Tip #1: Exhaust</p>
<p><a href="/collections/exhaust-fans-without-light">Exhaust fans</a> use extraction rates measured in m<sup>3</sup>/hr, it's important to select an exhaust that has a high enough extraction rate for the size of your bathroom. To make things a little less complicated a rough guide is as follows.</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">2 x 2m Bathroom = 200m<sup>3</sup> Bathroom Unit</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">4 x 4m Bathroom = 400m<sup>3</sup> Bathroom Unit</p>
<p>Tip #2: Heat</p>
<p>The heat lights that come with these units usually consist of a 2 or 4 light configuration. There is no set recommendation for heating as it really comes down to personal preference. Smaller bathrooms would be adequately heated with a 2 heat light option, while larger bathrooms may need the extra 2 heat lamps in midst of winter. Something to note is the 4 Heat Light exhausts usually come with 2 switches, meaning you won't have to have all 4 one at once for the in between weather. The more heat lamps you have on the more power you are using (Average is 275w per heat light)</p>
<p>Tip #3: Positioning</p>
<p>While it may seem tempting to place your heat light and exhausts as close to the shower as possible, taking the advise on its positioning from your electrician will be best. While these exhausts are rated for condensation you will need to make sure they are placed in an area where any overspray or splashing is unlikely to reach the unit and or the bulbs.</p>
<p>Tip #4: Bathroom Lighting</p>
<p>The central light in many of the exhausts have improved 10-fold and will usually provide adequate light to light up the bathroom. However for larger or oddly shaped bathrooms it may be an idea to addition lighting. When shaving or applying makeup a <a href="/collections/vanity-lights">vanity light </a>is always the best option.</p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><u><strong><em class="bigtext">Our Top Picks</em></strong></u></p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><a href="/collections">Airbus (Exhaust Only)</a></p>
<p><img alt="" src="" /></p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><a href="/collections">Supernova</a></p>
<p><img alt="" src="" /></p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><a href="/collections">Linear</a></p>
<p><img alt="" src="" /></p>
"Hello Google" Smart Lighting Intro
<p><img alt="" src="" /></p>
<p>"Google" is becoming the first word of babies all around the world as the phrase "Hey Google" becomes the most commonly spoken throughout our households. Smart lighting is just one factor contributing to such a movement, so we thought we would outline a few we have recently been demonstrated and provide an opportunity for our customers to quiz us on our new products.</p>
<p>So far we have seen 2 different types. Mercator's "<a href="/collections">Smart Light</a>" that uses a gateway to connect its devices to your network while Brilliants range allow each of their "<a href="/collections">Brilliant Smart</a>" products to connect directly to your network without the use of a gateway. Pro's and Con's for both scenarios, ultimately it would come down to each customer circumstances to determine which is better. But keep in mind brands can not be mixed and matched.</p>
<p>While simply telling Google to turn the kitchen light on is by far the most empowering way, the apps that often accompany these devices have their place as well. For example, being able to dim or turn off your baby's bedroom light after a certain time has its advantages (and an instance when addressing Google is the last thing you want to do,insert waking baby noise here). So whether your desire be practical, or merely to show off in company smart lighting is a much easier, much cheaper solution than many of the automation systems that have existed over the years. For more information visit the smart lighting section on our website or feel free to shoot any questions our way.</p>
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Salt Lamp FAQs

Himalayan Salt Lamp FAQs

What is Himalayan Rock Salt?

Himalayan Rock Salt was formed over 250 million years ago after an ancient sea became landlocked and eventually evaporated leaving behind a huge salt deposit. Is considered to be the purest form of rock salt on Earth. Buried deep within the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, the salt that is exhumed today is still what it was some 250 million years ago, pure & free from all modern contaminants.

Why does the salt have a Orange/Pink colouring?

Unlike refined table salt which is processed beyond belief, Himalayan Rock Salt is natural in all forms & has a pinkish coloring due to the 84 minerals & trace elements found within.

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan Lamps, Salt Lamps or Crystal Salt Lamps as they are commonly referred to are a small hand carved solid salt crystal that is hollowed out to fit a small low powered light bulb.

How do they work?

The salt lamp absorbs water and particles from the air, and as it does, it also takes positive ions with them. By gently heating the salt crystal with the low powered light bulb (5-10 degrees above room temperature), the heated salt releases cleansed water vapor back into the air. It also releases negative ions that combat the positive ions in our environment that are caused by pollution, dust, electronic devices, animal fur, pollen etc. thereby improving our air quality.

Why are Negative Ions so good for you?

Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments. Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.

What size lamp should I buy?

The bigger the lamp the greater the ionisation area, however as rule of thumb please use table below:

Lamp Size

Weight [kg]

Ionisation [m2]

Room Type



3x3 = 9m2.

Small Bedroom.

Home office



5x5 = 25m2.

Large Bedroom




7x7 = 49m2.

Lounge Room


Should I keep my lamp on all the time?

The more the lamp is on the better the benefits, however it is not advisable to leave it on 24/7 unattended. Just make sure you switch them on whenever you are home.

Why is my Salt Lamp shedding?

Salt Lamps absorb moisture from the air, and when they are turned off they can Shed or “cry” if the weather is quite humid or if you live close to the beach or a lake.If you do need to have it turned off for a long period of time, please wrap in a plastic bag or cling wrap to prevent shedding. Or leave on a plate. For extra precaution, you can remove the cord and globe from within the lamp, in case of a moisture build up.

Are they hot to touch like a normal light globe?

No, the lamp itself should only ever be warm to the touch. If your lamp is too hot to touch you are most likely using the wrong size globe & it should be changed.

For globe size recommendations please use table below:

Lamp Size

Weight [kg]

Bulb Type



7 watts.



15 watts


Extra Large



15 watts

25 watts

How to prolong the life of your Himalayan Salt Lamp Globes:
Why are my globes blowing?

Salt lamp globes have a life of around 1000 hours, so if left on continuously, they should last approximately 41 days. Unlike the incandescent light bulbs you might find in your ceiling, that remain stationary and untouched throughout their life, salt lamps globes are prone to more movement and vibrations that can potentially reduce the life of the globe.

So ideally your salt lamp should remain stationary and be placed somewhere it cannot be knocked easily.

If you are having trouble with your salt lamp globes blowing a little too often, here are some things to consider:

  • Make sure the globe is screwed in firmly enough to touch both contacts. If it isn’t screwed in enough then it won’t work.
  • Oils from your fingers can cause the globes to blow, so use a tissue when changing the globe.
  • Ensure the globe is not touching the inside surface of the lamp. Do not push the globe in too far and make sure it is straight.
  • Try to leave the lamp stationary after turning it off and allow it to cool down before moving it, as a hot globe is more prone to blowing than a cool one.
  • If there is a large current drawing appliance on the same circuit that is switched on/off frequently, this can cause power spikes and/or surges which can blow a globe. Consider another plug or power board with surge protection.
  • Excessive vibrations from a radio or TV being too close. Not a big deal, but something to consider if you are consistently experiencing globes blowing excessively.
  • Neglected salt lamps can ‘cry’ when barely used. If the residue settles on the globe it can cause the globe to blow. To avoid a sad lamp and therefore a sad globe, please wrap the lamp in plastic when not in use for an extended period to avoid crying. This is more likely to happen in humid weather or if you live near the beach. We recommend always leaving the lamp on when you are home, off when you are not home and off and wrapped with the cord and globe removed when you are going to be away and not using the lamp for several days.

Will my lamp look like the one on your website?

Not necessarily, as each lamp is hand carved from natural salt crystals, no one lamp will ever be the same as another. They will vary in shape and colour. You can request a certain look if you have a preference.

Do your lamps come with globes & cords?

Yes all of our Salt Lamps come with a globe & electrical cord.

Do your power cords meet Australian Safety Standards?

Yes, all our electrical cords used in our Salt Lamps at Saltco Australia are Australian Safety Standard Approved. You can view our certificates here. Our Erac number is E5730

Builders of distinction. Custom designed lifestyle homes.

Don and the team at Sanctuary 28 are a full service design and construction company, specialising in quality custom homes, duplexes and renovations.

From concept to estimates, project management and construction, they will cater to all aspects of building, with exceptional craftsmanship and personalised service. With an emphasis on quality and maximised use of space, Sanctuary 28 has over 100 standard designs to choose from.For something unique they can tailor a custom home or work in with your own plans.

The Lighting Superstore highly recommends the Sanctuary 28 team, and should you choose them for your next project ..they won't let you down .. local, loyal and legendary.

Have a look at their website

Don't belive what we are saying? Have a look at some images of their amazing work below.&


Taking pride of place on Currumbin hill, overlooking the pristine creek and out to the surfers skyline is Copper House, Sanctuary28's recently completed three-storey project.

Renowned Architect Paul Uhlmann was commissioned to design a functional family home but with a signature style that would stand the test of time.

The exterior facade is unique with its shapely curves.Copper cladding is a standout feature, wrapping two levels.Circular balustrade screening provides an artistic element as well as privacy to the carport.



Welcome to Daybreak Blvd, owned by Celebrity Chef Luke Hines and partner Tyron Lawless, affectionately referred to as 'Healthy House'.

This single storey Casuarina home was designed by Architect Scott Carpenter, and is the perfect demonstration of a clever use of space on a tight block. Drawing inspiration from homes in Palm Springs, this modern home features polished concrete floors, a seamless transition from indoors to out, and a state of art kitchen that makes entertaining outdoors a breeze.



Welcome to Sundream House, an open floor plan with clean lines and pleanty of natural light

The house is filled with everything a family needs, open spaces with a great backyard complete with an inground pool.

This house is perfect for small families or dinner parties.



Welcome to Haigh project located in the heart of Burleigh lies one of Sancutry 28's latest developments.